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TCM Global Frontier High Dividend Equity invests in stocks listed on the local exchanges of the Frontier Markets Universe. To set up the portfolio the fund will make a selection of countries on the basis of quantitative and qualitative screening. By using these selection criteria the fund will have a diversified portfolio invested in several countries and sectors. The more or less equally weighted portfolio will be re-weighted and re-allocated on a periodically scale. The risk profile is high, due to investment in equities and Frontier Markets. In principle, the fund does not pay a dividend. Dividends received are reinvested within the fund.

To achieve its objective, the Fund invests 95% to 100% of its total assets through TCM Investment Funds Luxembourg in units of TCM Global Frontier High Dividend Equity (Lux). The Fund qualifies as feeder-structure.

TCM has entered into an agreement with Clarity AI for the screening of the portfolios of the TCM equity funds on ESG criteria (UN Global Compact and Controversial Weapons).


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Legal information
Key Investor Information Document (only available in Dutch)
Annual report 2023
Prospectus (valid as of March 15, 2024)
legal merger
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Financial report 2022 (Caceis)
Semi-annual report 2023
Annual report 2022
Semi-annual report 2022
annual report 2021
Prospectus (valid till March 15, 2024)
Semi-annual report 2021
Certificate of Incorporation


No rights may be derived from this publication. You are referred to the prospectus and Key Investor Information Document for the fund's terms and conditions. These documents may be obtained from the website or the address mentioned below. The manager of the fund has obtained a licence for this fund from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Supervision.

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