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Trustus Capital Management B.V. (Trustus) acts as managing director and manager of TCM. One of the things Trustus does is asset management. An asset manager independently performs purchasing and sales transactions in securities on behalf of clients on the basis of investment agreements made with them by contract. Trustus does this for wealthy private individuals, institutional investors, foundations, companies and investment funds. Trustus holds a permit in accordance with article 2:65 of the Financial Supervision Act (new) and as such is under supervision of the Financial Market Authority Foundation (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

Any results achieved with an investment are always affected by (transaction) costs. Investment with anyone and in any form whatsoever involves financial risks. Most investment institutions are intended for gaining medium to long term return. You may earn capital gains by investing in an investment institution, but that you may also suffer a loss. This website provides information on the results of TCM, but does not provide a sufficient basis for a possible investment decision.
Potential investors are recommended to read the prospectus and the financial information leaflet and consult an investment consultant before making an investment decision.

Do not take any unnecessary risks. Read the Key Investor Information Document. This document states that the level of risk of this product is very high.
The value of your investment may fluctuate. Any results achieved in the past do not provide any guarantee for the future. The value of the investment may rise or fall. Investors may receive less value in return than they contributed.

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