Equity funds Global Frontier High Div. Eq. Vietnam High Div. Eq. Africa High Dividend Eq.
Market price € 11.75 € 27.83 € 9.70
% 0.26 -0.32 -0.92
Volume 1 1 260
Previous close € 11.72 € 27.92 € 9.79
Bid level € 11.60 € 27.64 € 9.69
Intrinsic value € 11.66 € 27.78 € 9.74
Ask level € 11.72 € 27.92 € 9.79


The net asset value of the shares will be calculated at least once on every trading day. It may happen that the opening time for the funds on Euronext does not leave enough time to calculate the net asset value and to enter it into the Euronext system on time after the closing time of the underlying regulated markets or other trading platforms. In this case an opening price will be presented on the basis of “fair value pricing”, a method which takes into account both past prices and anticipated listings.

Euronext NAV Trading Platform/Euronext Fund Services

The TCM High Dividend Equity funds are traded daily on the Euronext NAV Trading platform/Euronext Fund Services. The funds can be bought through one of the Euronext Members Brokers on this list.

More information about the Euronext NAV Trading platform can be found here.

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