New fact sheets equity funds

Published on august 20, 2020
New fact sheets equity funds

After a strong recovery in the second quarter, with the Global Frontier fund rising 14.67%, the frontier markets took a step back in July. The index and the Frontier 100 ETF were down 5.31% and 6.14% respectively, but the Global Frontier fund held relatively well with a decline of 1.95%.

Part of the outperformance is due to the fund's overweight in Pakistan. The Pakistan Karachi All share Index rose 6.76% (measured in euro) in the past month, driven by positive reports of the coronavirus containment in the country and the announcement of the Naya Pakistan Housing Project, whereby an initial 100,000 houses will be built.

More news about Vietnam, Africa and the Global Frontier fund can be found in the latest fact sheets of the equity funds:

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