New fact sheets equity funds

Published on june 11, 2020
New fact sheets equity funds

After rising 10.79% in April, the TCM Global Frontier High Dividend Equity Fund gained 3.82% in May thereby outperforming the Frontier 100 ETF (+2.46%) and the Emerging Markets ETF (1.48 %).

Within the universe, eyes were focused on Sri Lanka in the past month, where the stock market reopened on May 11. Since March 20 the financial markets were closed due to the prevailing lockdown in the country. After the opening, stocks showed a significant catch-up in the recovery. Within the portfolio, Sri Lankan stocks were among the strongest climbers, such as Access Engineering (+20%) and Chevron Lubricant (+17%).

More news about Vietnam, Africa and the Global Frontier fund can be found in the latest fact sheets of the equity funds:

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