New fact sheets equity funds

Published on july 9, 2020
New fact sheets equity funds

​The second quarter, marked by a recovery in global equity markets, was also positive for the Global Frontier fund. The fund rose 14.05%, outperforming the index (+11.97%) and the Frontier 100 ETF (+13.6%), measured in euro based on total return.

The impact of Covid-19 on Frontier Markets may be less severe than originally estimated by investors. The relatively young population and the lower population density leads to relatively fewer deaths than in developed countries. In addition, for example, obesity is less common and frontier countries in Asia and Africa have experience with epidemics or other types of natural disasters and as such are better prepared culturally and psychologically for extreme situations.

More news about Vietnam, Africa and the Global Frontier fund can be found in the latest fact sheets of the equity funds:

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TCM Vietnam High Dividend Equity

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